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The joppLOGG has been relaunched, version 2.0 is there. Please check
Obviously, my blog has not been the most up-to-date one, to put it mildly. I'm sorry -- in case anyone has noticed. I am still using Tinderbox as my main personal note-taking, thought-structuring and even MS-Word-substituting tool. But still, I haven't quite managed to direct my informal thoughts regularly into a web-friendly format, and thus into a more communicative context. I use Movable Type within one of the courses I'm teaching ( "Assignments/student projects in humanistic informatics"). So there is hope for the joppLOGG, too!!
(*check) PROXY is pitched as a HEAD GAME about knowledge discovery, file-sharing, and information mis/management in relation to networked identity
construction and collective behavior.PROXY overview
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From content to culture
The issue and importance of a culture of learning gets more and more attention, also within the e-learning industry. "The Americans wanted to be the first to write in space, spending millions to develop the sealed and pressurized Fisher Space Pen, but the Russians won the race by using a pencil!" - Quote from e-learningmagCelebrating Complexity: Understanding the Culture of e-Learning
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I've started using Tinderbox, "The PERSONAL content management assistant", a while ago. In many respects this is the most useful piece of software I've taken into use since launching a text processor (html-editor? dedicated diary app? mindmap-app? slide-show-editor?) for the first time. I love being able to simply type inn my bits & pieces without having to decide before hand which app to use, where to store the document, how to process the file. It gives me the flexibility to handle and publish my 'content' in an almost open-ended range of possibilities.
Tinderbox is fast, its interface is slim and focused and elegant with its combination of simplicity and powerfulness. Applications with these features are prone to be forgiven almost any flaw. There are a few, like the the export of formatting which is marked directly in the note text. And there isn't a OSX version -- yet.
Regarding my joppLOGG, Tinderbox has prevented me effectively from using and updating it. But: no pseudo-technical-deterministic excuses here, even though Tinderbox calls itself "the PERSONAL content management system". I simply haven't integrated the two systems yet.

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Back again. I've been busy reading and preparing my teaching. Posting to the joppLOGG had to move downwards on the lengthy to-do-list. Besides: It can be hard enough to spell AC DC, let alone writing down clever thoughts for the web regularly!

And: make sure to check all the other audio gags (mainly in German) on Radio Energy Network (click 'entertainment'--> 'audio gags')
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Looking for material on web-/IRC-/MOO-/MUD-based synchronous communication? Try the comprehensive (with a focus on European contributions though) and up-to-date Bibliography on Chat Communication.
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Et naturligspråklig grensesnitt for Dreistadt Till Lech has written his masters thesis in computer linguistics on a natural language database interface for the MOO-based VR-system Dreistadt. He has developed a LISP-module that adds (a basic level of) intelligence to the originally rather strict and unforgiving input-language in the MOO. Users can now formulate their commands in natural language, thus communicating with the environment in a more flexible and intuitive way.
The shift of focus from from computer syntax to natural language definitely strengthens Dreistadt's pedagogical concept as an authentic place for natural communication in the students' target language.
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I've just posted  some thoughts on current attempts to meta-describe and standardise a field like 'eLearning'. Read 'According to standards'.
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An article about a private (?) and -- for me, anyway -- highly relevant issue: how to coordinate work and family life. Even major companies like Volkswagen focus on their employees work-life-balance and offer more flexible work-time models. And what's more important: they discuss necessary changes regarding company culture and gender roles -- a "revolution, but with no loosing part".
Norway is not a bad country to live in... Die Zeit (German)
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