Carsten Jopp

PhD research fellow

University of Bergen
Dep. of
humanistisc informatics

Sydnesplassen 7
5007 Bergen
tel (w) ++47 55 58 22 64
tel (p) ++47 55 34 22 97

h o m e [hjem]

Curently I'm a PhD research fellow at the department of humanistic informatics, University of Bergen, Norway. My field of research is the development of language and knowledge in ICT-based media. I'm generally interested in written communication -- either in the form of good old literature, or in more dynamic contexts as in Dreistadt, a text- (and web-) based "cybercity" I helped to develop. I have also been director of the LINGO-project, a national cooporation within the cross-disciplinary field of ICT, language and learning.

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As you may have noticed, this site features a "lingo" of English, German and Norwegian -- please contact me if you need additional (English) information about any of the resources.

r e c e n t

"Der Einsatz von Texten im Sprachlernprozess." Trial lecture, bachelor level, UiB, 27.10.05 [ppt-slides, hand-out]. (10.11.05)

"Composing symphonies or singing karaoke? Norwegian perspectives on standardization". In: Distances et savoirs, Vol. 2, nr. 4/2004, 519-526. (01.09.05)

(With Turid Trebbi og Myriam Coco:)
"Didactic role play in a MOO: Is learning just a game? In search of the missing link between theory and practice in language teacher education"
(held in Norwegian - original title: "Didaktisk rollespill i en MOO: Er læringen satt på spill? På jakt etter 'the missing link' mellom teori og praksis." [Slides as pdf-file]).
-- Presentation on the ITU-conference "Digital dannelse" in Oslo, 16.-18.10.03. (26.10.03)

f r i t i d s p r o b l e m e r

Les alt om mine fritidsproblemer her.

s p i e g e l l a n d

"... er selbst, in seiner Ohnmacht des in der eigenen Wahrnehmung und Sprache Gefangenen, kann keine Lösung, keine Befreiung aus den Zwängen der geschichtlichen Wiederholung wie auch der eigenen Existenz an die Hand geben. Vielmehr muss er sich damit begnügen, diese zeitlose Problematik zumindest im Sinne eines Wachhaltens und Weiterführens luzider Wahrnehmung von Geschichte zu formulieren."


This anthology (in Norwegian) describes and discusses general  topics from the field of ICT and learning: the need for standardisation, digital vs. analog learning resources,  the use of virtual learning environments, problem-based learning, and didactical consequences of the use of ICT.  More (Nor.)...

 dr.-art. project     

"ICT-based dialogue as a basis for language learning and knowledge building"

On the basis of extensive empirical data derived from several coordinated ICT-based projects within foreign language studies, this project researches how ICT-based media and networked environments influence the processes of understanding and learning foreign languages. The concepts of dialogue and discourse serve as methodological key concepts since they are regarded as crucial for meaning making, knowledge building and language learning.  More...

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