This page contain links to some of the papers and presentations given at DAC2000.

Blok, Rasmus. University of Aarhus, Denmark."Reading Hyperfiction - Mission Impossible?"

Eskelinen, Markku. Provosoft, Finland. "Cybertext palimpsests - literature to the nth degree"

Heibach, Christiane. University of Erfurt, Germany."The Distributed Author: Creativity In the Age of Computer Networks"

Juul, Jesper., Denmark."What computer games can and can't do"

Luesebrink, Marjorie C. Irvine Valley College, USA."Play On: Plot and Pause Points in Hypermedia Narrative"

Polli, Andrea. Columbia College, USA, and Carol Genetti. Independent artist, USA. "Active Vision"

Simanowksi, Roberto. University of Goettingen, Germany."When Digital Literature goes Multimedia: Three German Examples"

Stivale, Charles J. Wayne State University, USA."Between Work and Play: Protocols of Friendship and Community in Text-Based VR"

Strickland, Stephanie. Independent artist, USA."Dali Clocks: Time Dimensions of Hypertext"

Swigart, Rob. Institute for the Future, USA."Rhythms of Technology"

Walther, Bo Kampmann. University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark. "Questioning Digital Aesthetics"