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about Bergen 

Digital Arts and Culture 98 will be held at the university of Bergen, in the law building (Jusbygget). The conference venue is shown close to the bottom of the map of Bergen.

Bergen is Norway's second largest city, with approximately 250000 inhabitants. At the bottom of this page you will find some links to tourist information about Bergen and the surrounding countryside.

Getting here: Several international flights go direct to Bergen. In addition there are many domestic flights between Bergen and other Norwegian towns. You can also take the train from Oslo (6 hours with the express) or the boat "Flaggruten" from Stavanger (4 hours). It's also possible to drive to Norway. If you're not crossing the border from Sweden, Finland or Russia, you will need to take a car ferry from either England, Denmark or Germany.

From the airport (Flesland):  
There are airport buses (marked Flybussen) between the airport and the city centre, leaving approx. every 20 minutes as long as there is air traffic. A ticket costs NOK 40. Taxis are usually available at the airport until after the last plane has landed at night, and the ride in to town will cost approx. NOK 150 in the daytime and NOK 200 at night.

Some participants have expressed an interest in going on the Norway in a nutshell trip on Sunday 29th of November. The train leaves Bergen at 10:20 and returns at 20:18, and it costs 480 NOK. If you are interested in this, send a fax to NSB at + 47 55966061 or phone them at + 47 81500888 - they will speak English. Mention that you are with the conference so you can get a seat near other participants.

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about Bergen

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