digital arts & culture 1998

In addition to the paper presentations, we have arranged the following social events.

On Thursday night, all participants are invited to a reception at the Univeristy of Bergen's representation villa in Parkveien, beside the Student Centre. Here we will enjoy food and wine, and also readings and performances by Mary Flanagan, Loss Glazier and John Cayley.

The next evening we are hosting a banquet at Gamle Bergen. This is now fully booked.

Several of our participants are taking the excursion Norway in a Nutshell either on the Wednesday before or the Sunday after the conference. If you wish to join them, contact NSB to book your tickets.

In addition, we will serve simple cold lunches on each day of the conference.






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Please ask Jill Walker (local coordinator) or Espen Aarseth (conference chair) if you have any questions.
Last update: 17th of November 1998