digital arts & culture 1998

Mary Flanagan will be doing a virtual performance called [the perpetual bed] at the reading we plan having at the reception on Thursday evening.

[the perpetual bed] is an online, virtual VRML world in which users can interact with each other from within a navigable, surrealistic narrative. A hybrid between video, interactive art, installation, and animation, the piece is based on my own and my grandmother's experiences within transparent yet tangible beings and places discovered when hospitalized. My creative concerns in creating this piece are numerous, but I am trying to create a new media from the temporal and motion imaging elements of film and video, the accessibility of the internet, the user-centered narrative form from interactive art, and elements of choreography. The interaction will take place through a technology I have designed called Navigable Chat. Users can percieve each other through their textual presence. My goal is to tell a story in an altogether new way -- that of allowing the user to move through a story, to "happen" upon a scene, and to find their own meaning in this ever-enacted place. Users can then leave their mark and become part of the story--leave hints, impressions, etc--for the next viewer.

Mary Flanagan is a multimedia producer, professor, and maker of personal digital work. Currently she is an Assistant Professor of Digital Arts in the Department of Media Study, State University of New York at Buffalo, where she teaches courses in animation, cyberculture, interactive media, gender and technology, and sound design. At Buffalo she is also producing an online educational game for girls ages 9-11.





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