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Loss Pequeño Glazier will be doing a reading of "Viz Études" at the reading we plan having at the reception on Thursday evening.

"Viz Études" is a series of performances that present a reading and projection of a number of visual, kinetic, text, and Java-based compositions for electronic space, works which mine the more pliant possibilities of e-poetry and explore the material dimensions of writing in electronic space through the use of elements such as moving text, imbedded sound files, and Java-layered text as properties of writing. The language of "Viz Études" is one in which ideation cannot help but be colored by implications of the very vocabulary of the electronic possibilities for new writing. An installation of "Viz Études" for magnetic media was included in the "The Next Word" Exhibit at the Neuberger Museum at SUNY Purchase, Fall, 1998. This performance is part of a series, individual iterations of which have been performed in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, London, Buffalo, and, a week before its performance here, in Mexico City. See also With Code in Hand: an Inventory & Prospectus for E-Poetics, a paper also being presented at this conference.

Poet Loss Pequeño Glazier is Director of the Electronic Poetry Center ( and Webmaster, College of Arts & Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo. Glazier, a native of the Tejano and Mexican-American culture of south Texas, USA, is the author of a forthcoming book on digital poetics as well as the collections Leaving Loss Glazier, The Parts, Small Press: An Annotated Guide, and numerous published poems, essays, and kinetic works.

Loss Pequeño Glazier is also presenting a paper on Friday 27th of November at 13:30. More details can be found in the full conference program.






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