Here you will find a web of comments and annotations to A Midsummer Night's Dream. These comments may be connections between sections of the play, quotations from criticism of the text, thoughts that have occurred to various readers and other remarks. In contrast to a conventional annotated edition of the text, these annotations are not only linked to from the text itself, they are also linked to each other. The web can be read as a intertwined commentary on the text, leading back and forwards into different sections of the play itself.

Ideally this web will be open (perhaps only for registered users of the moo) so that other readers can add their own ideas. The web will also be accessible from areas of the moo.

This web will grow not only during its initial construction, but as long as readers add to it. So far it includes (or is planned to include) comments on

These will be linked in a web, and will accessible from many different sections of the site and also from areas in the moo.

A second level of commentary will be part of this site as well: commentary on the site itself. At the moment this section of the site consists mainly of ideas for what will be here, but later it will include evaluations of how things work and more theoretical thoughts about the consequences of presenting and teaching literature in this way.