the indian boy


post-colonial discussion of the Dream (Hendricks 1996)

The boy being portrayed as a "rich oriental trifle" in productions of the play, and the role of India inthe play, as neither wholly real nor imaginary. "Titania's exoticized and mercantilistic description of the changeling's mother through which "India becomes the commodified space of a racialized feminine eroticism that ... paradoxically excited and threatened the masculinity of European travelers." (Kehler: 45)

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Also: the changeling as Titania's child - or lover?, as object of homoerotic fascination for Oberon, as the thing they quarrel about. Titania's rel. to the boy's mother. (Garner) The boy's silence - non-presence.

related comments

gender issues

homoerotic love - both Oberon's for the boy and Titania's for his mother

textual examples

Oberon mentions the boy in II ii 375.