titania and the boy

"..it is
of course
who is
at fault."

(Brooks 1979: cvi)

It is perhaps (Puck may imply this) high time the boy was weaned from maternal dandling to be bred a knight and huntsman." (Brooks 1979: cvi)

Garner discusses Oberon's wish to have Titania's love exclusively, and also points out that he also seems to lust for the boy (see Garner 1996: 86-7) (more about this) Does Garner also see Titania's love for the child's mother as a homoerotic love that Oberon must fight? Or just as feminine solidarity?

Montrose sees Oberon's domination of his Queen as an echo of the dramatist's desire to control Queen Elizabeth.

Link to amazons, also to patriarchy/matriarchy.

textual examples:

Puck's description of the changeling boy: II i 18-31
Titania's explanation of the child's origin: II i 121-37