We need to choose metaphors for the world we build. There are many possibilities, and several can combine (be combined).

An important metaphor is one that is used throughout the play itself: the dream. I would like this to be reflected in the moo however we build it.

More basically, we need to decide what the world should look like.

Currently (feb 99) we are planning a dual world. The (main?) entrance to the moo will set the player in a virtual version of Shakespeare's London. The player will be able to visit the Globe Theatre, pubs, and maybe even visit court or witness a beheading. Perhaps we'll open up the wedding where some scholars believe A Midsummer Night's Dream was first performed.

Outside the city gates lie some woods, which are similar to the "woods outside of Athens" in the play. In these woods, strange things happen. Players' options are more restricted than in the civilised and rational city - in the woods players are dependent on fate and the whims of faeries. In practice, this might mean that players can't teleport out of the woods, but must find their way out of labyrinths and solve quests that demand some knowledge of the play.

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