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The goal of the Midsummer Night's MOO project is to develop and experiment with new methods of teaching university level English literature on the Internet.

Using Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream as our text, we are building a MOO to encourage exploration of and discussions about the text and its contexts. In addition, extensive and extensible web resources will be accessible both from within the MOO and independently from it.

The web resources consist of the complete text of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and an extensive commentary providing summaries of, excerpts from and references to secondary literature on the play. The Dream site can be read in many ways, either by following themes through the interlinked commentary, by reading the play linearly and reading comments as you are interested, or in a continual play between Shakespeare's text and the comments. There is also an extensive bibliography, linked to the commentary, and also a webography to provide pointers to other relevant information on the Web. This site is primarily intended as an aid for students and scholars studying the play.

While the Dream web site explores the possibilities that lie in read-only web sites, the Dream MOO provides a different approach to the study of literature. The MOO is a place where readers can communicate with each other, manipulate textual objects and artifacts and extend the world described in the MOO themselves. The MOO is accessed via a web interface and functions as a web server, allowing readers to publish their own web pages through the MOO.

This, and lingo.uib's other projects are funded by Lingo and The University of Bergen.

Are you wondering what on earth a MOO is? We've written an explanation for you, but a better way of finding out is probably to visit our MOO yourself.

The MOO and resources will be ready for use by the end of 1999. You're welcome to have a look around now, but bear in mind that the site is constantly being reconstructed.

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