Who works at lingo-uib?

Take a look at who is involved in the lingo-uib project! If you want to get in touch with us, use one of these e-mail adresses or just drop by at our office!

Espen Aarseth initiated the project in1997. Now he is the chairman of lingo-uib. He is an associate professor at the Section for Humanistic Informatics at UiB.
E-mail: aarseth@uib.no
Website: http://www.hf.uib.no/hi/espen
Espen Aarseth
Carsten Jopp was lingo.uib's project leader until december 2000. He is also co-ordinator for the nastional LINGO project. In 1997/8 he developped the Dreistadt-concept and held several courses there. In 1999 he built up the national competence network IT, language and learning, LINGO. Carsten holds an M.A. in German literature and has an deucation at IBM.
E-mail: carsten.jopp@hedb.uib.no
Carsten Jopp
Frank Pierce is our system administrator and programmer. He is familiar with virtually everything within web technology. He has an academic background in Humanistic Informatics, and Religion Science
E-mail: frank.pierce@hedb.uib.no
Website: http://cmc.uib.no/frank
Frank Pierce
Daniel Jung has been lingo-uib'sproject leader sinc january 2001. Furthermore, he is responsible for IVEREN / MOOlin Rouge, our french MOO. He developped the conception for the spanish project El camino latino which went on-line in 2001. Daniel holds an M.A. in German.
E-mail: daniel.jung@uib.no
Daniel Jung
Till Lech is a graduate student in Computational Linguistics at UiB. He developed a natural language processing module for Dreistadt. Additionally, he works with content development in Dreistadt and holds courses in German in Dreistadt.
E-mail: till.lech@rasmus.uib.no
Sindre Sørensen is our software engineer. He has developped a lot of the software lingo-uib is using (e.g. Mootcan, our Java-basd client as a past of the Xpress MOO interface) Besides informatics, Sindre studied Psychology a couple of years. Now he is employed as a prgrammer at UiB's HIT-senter.
E-mail: sindre.sorensen@uib.no
Website: http://www.uib.no/people/hkhss/
Sindre Sørensen
Jill Walker worked at lingo.uib until 1999. Besides developing an annotated web-edition of Shakespeare's A Midsummernight's Dream she has works with the use of MOOs in literature teaching, and she has written most of lingo.uib's web pages. Jill has an M.A. in literature science. Now she is a research fellow at the Section for Humanistic Informatics.
E-mail: jill.walker@uib.no
Website: http://cmc.uib.no/jill
Jill Walker

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