is a project at the University of Bergen, Department of Informatics in the Humanities. The project was launched in the autumn of1997 (as CALLMOO), since then the project staff has developed, implemented and evaluated internetbased learning environments (virtual worlds) for use in foreign language studies. The goal is to achieve educational innovation by providing authentic environments which by their structure focus on the dynamics of learning processes.

are developed in close co-operation with the foreign language departments and focus especially on functions establishing contact and interaction between language learners.

  • the first application, "Dreistadt", is a virtual German village. It has been successfully used since 1998 as a platform for both correspondence courses and on-campus tutoring at the Department for German Language at UiB.
  • A Midsummernight's MOO (1999), an experimental project within literature studies, is all about Shakespeare's plays and life.
  • The application for French, IVEREN (Institut virtuel d'etudes romanes en Norvège, a part of the MOOlin Rouge, 1999/2000) is a 'virtual department' initiated by the Romanic Departments at the UiB and NTNU.

Current Activities
In 2001 an internet based correspondence course in German 'mellomfag' is being established. This is a nationwide project within the National Council for German. Furthermore, two new platforms are under development: El Camino Latino, a virtual Latin-American world (in co-operation with the section for Spanish and Latin-American Studies, UiB) and another MOO for the ITALWEB (NTNU Trondheim).

lingo.uib is to be established as a long term partner for the involved language departments while the solutions are under continuous development.

our solutions base on the multi-user conference system called MOO (multi-user domains, object-oriented) as well as other "state-of-the-art" web-technology. lingo.uib is one of leading projects within this technology.

Our project group houses both linguistic as well as pedagogical and informatic competence. The staff members contribute actively to the project's interdisciplinary discourse.

Co-operation partners
lingo.uib is the continuation of the Bergen group within the nationwide LINGO project. It is now financed by the Faculty of Arts, UiB and the involved language departments.

Project leader Daniel Jung og Till Christopher Lech. Project Staff

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